LLG-Safety wash bottles, LDPE

Manufactured from LDPE and with the safety label printed on the wash bottle in accordance with regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 (GHS)
  • Colour coded cap and bottle for easy and quick recognition of the bottle content
  • Dispensing tube designed to optimize backflow and turbulence-free operation
  • Permanent printing on the body of safety symbols in acc. with GHS, as well as of chemical formula, CAS number, hazard pictogram, signal word, hazard statements and NFPA code
  • Chemical name and Warning texts in German, English, French and Spanish
LLG-Safety wash bottles, LDPE
LLG-Safety wash bottles, LDPE
Imprint textNominal capacity mlColourImprint languagePKCat. No.
Acetone500RedDE/UK/FR/ES19.223 504
Distilled water500BlueDE/UK/FR/ES19.223 505
Ethanol500GreenDE/UK/FR/ES19.223 506
Isopropanol500YellowDE/UK/FR/ES19.223 507
Methanol500OrangeDE/UK/FR/ES19.223 508
Acetone500RedDE/UK/FR/ES106.291 413
Distilled water500BlueDE/UK/FR/ES106.291 414
Ethanol500GreenDE/UK/FR/ES106.291 415
Isopropanol500YellowDE/UK/FR/ES106.291 416
Methanol500OrangeDE/UK/FR/ES106.291 417

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LLG-Safety wash bottles, LDPE
LLG-Safety wash bottles, LDPE