LLG-Autoclavable bags, PP

Constructed from very strong PP film with a broad seam at the bottom. For the disposal of contaminated labware. When autoclaving, the neck of the bag must be left open. Film thickness: 50 µm.
LLG-Autoclavable bags, PP
LLG-Autoclavable bags, PP
DescriptionWidth mmLength mmCapacity litresautoclavable atPackage contentsPKCat. No.
standard2003001.5134 °CDispenser box of 100 bags1009.404 099
standard3005006.0134 °CBox of 500 bags5009.404 220
standard40078022.0134 °CBox of 250 bags2509.404 221
standard50078025.0134 °CBox of 250 bags2509.404 222
standard60078032.0134 °CBox of 250 bags2509.404 223
standard60078032.0134 °CBox of 100 bags1009.404 103
standard700110072.0134 °CBox of 250 bags2509.404 224
standard700110072.0134 °CBox of 75 bags759.404 105
highly transparent2003001.5121 °CDispenser box of 100 bags1009.404 020
highly transparent3005006.0121 °CBox of 500 bags5009.404 100
highly transparent40078022.0121 °CBox of 500 bags5009.404 101
highly transparent60080032.0121 °CBox of 500 bags5009.404 102
highly transparent700110072.0121 °CBox of 350 bags3509.404 104

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LLG-Autoclavable bags, PP
LLG-Autoclavable bags, PP