LLG single channel microliter pipettes, variable

Available with fixed or adjustable volume. Ergonomic shape for a very comfortable handling
The rounded shape and the unique soft grip of the LLG pipette ensures a safe and comfortable handling. A minimal effort is required for pipetting so that the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) is reduced.

Maximum Precision and Accuracy
Thermal insulation of the internal components, using the innovative soft grip, improves the accuracy.

Universal Blow-out System
The two-step plunger operation allows reverse pipetting. This also facilitates last drop dispensing by soft plunger movements. High accuracy and precision are guaranteed.

Colour-coded push-button for quick operation
The colour code enables a quick choice of the right pipette depending of the volume to be pipetted (see corresponding column in the table below).

Easy Maintenance and Adjustment
The volume setting is easy and precise, using the push-button, even when wearing gloves. Maintenance and adjustment take only a few minutes with just one tool. (Included in delivery)

Contamination-free Pipetting
The pipette is fully autoclavable, ideal for applications where sterility is important.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
Each pipette is individually tested and calibrated twice, conforming to EN ISO 8655 and DIN 12600 Standards. A certificate is included.

Made in Germany.
10000 µl pipette does not have a tip ejector.
LLG single channel microliter pipettes, variable
LLG single channel microliter pipettes, variable
CapacityDivision µlAccuracy ± R%Colour codingNo. of channelsPKCat. No.
0.1 ... 2.5 µl0.0502,50Grey119.280 000
0.5 ... 10 µl0.1001,00Grey119.280 001
2 ... 20 µl0.5000,90Grey119.280 002
10 ... 100 µl1.0000,80Yellow119.280 003
20 ... 200 µl1.0000,60Yellow119.280 004
100 ... 1000 µl5.0000,60Blue119.280 005
500 ... 5000 µl50.0000,50Violet119.280 006
1,000 ... 10000 µl100.0000,60Turquoise119.280 007
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LLG single channel microliter pipettes, variable
LLG single channel microliter pipettes, variable