Spectrophotometer LLG-uniSPEC 1

LLG-uniSPEC 1 UV/VIS spectrophotometer is the ideal device for various routine laboratory applications including quality control, basic research and education. This high quality, accurate and cost-efficient unit is equipped with a large LCD display that shows standard curves and other test results.
LLG-uniSPEC 1 enables without software the measuring of absorption, transmission as well as concentration, and factor determination via standard curves. It can save 200 groups of data and display wavelength, absorbance and transmittance.
Optional software based on Windows 10 expand the application to kinetics, spectrum scanning and multi-wavelength measurements.

  • Stand-alone unit with large 2.5” LCD Display
  • Optional software for Windows 10
  • Automatic wavelength setting
  • Easy creation of standard curves for concentration determination
  • Tungsten lamp and deuterium lamp reduce stray light which ensure high photometric accuracy
  • USB and parallel port
  • Large storage capacity of up to 200 groups of test results

Scope of supply: Spectrophotometer, dust cover, manual, 4 glass cuvettes, 2 quartz cuvettes
Optical system:Single beam, grating 1200 lines/mm
Wavelength range:190 ... 1000 nm
Bandwidth:2 nm
Wavelength accuracy:±2 nm
Wavelength repeatability:0.5 nm
Wavelength setting:Auto
Photometric accuracy:±0.5 % T
Photometric repeatability:≤0.2 % T
Photometric range:-0.3 ... 3 A, 0 ... 200 % T, 0 ... 9999 C
Photometric mode:T, A, C, F
Photometric stability:≤0.002 A/30 min
Stray light:≤0.1 % T
Display:LCD, 128 x 64 Dots
Detector:Silicon photodiode
Light source:Tungsten and deuterium lamp
Spectrophotometer LLG-uniSPEC 1
Spectrophotometer LLG-uniSPEC 1
TypeDimensions (WxDxH)Weight kgPlug typePower supplyPKCat. No.
LLG-uniSPEC 1420 x 280 x 180 mm12EU/UK110 ... 250 V16.263 636

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Spectrophotometer LLG-uni<i>SPEC</i> 1
Spectrophotometer LLG-uniSPEC 1