LLG-Microbiological Media

For numerous micro- and molecular biological applications.
The safety data sheets of these products are available under www.llg-labware.com.
6.271 003
6.271 003
DescriptionCapacity gPKCat. No.
Luria Bertani (Miller), Powder50016.271 000
Luria Bertani (Miller), Powder500016.327 873
Luria Bertani (Lennox), Powder50016.271 010
Terrific Broth, Powder50016.271 007
2xYT Broth, Powder50016.271 001
Bact. Agar, Powder50016.271 003
Luria Bertani Agar (Miller), Powder50016.271 009
Luria Bertani Agar (Lennox), Powder50016.271 008
Alicyclobacillus Detection Agar, Powder50014.686 295
Orange Serum Agar, Powder50014.686 297
PCA Agar, Powder50014.686 298
YPD Broth, Powder50016.271 002
Yeast Extract, Powder50016.271 004
Tryptone, Powder50016.271 005
Tryptone, Powder500016.328 035
Casein Peptone, Powder50016.271 011
Trypticasein Soy Broth (TSB-media), Powder50016.271 018
Luria Bertani Broth (Lennox), Powder500016.271 111
Tryptic Soya Agar (Caso-Agar), Powder50016.271 006

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LLG-Microbiological Media
LLG-Microbiological Media