LLG-Syringe filters SPHEROS, PVDF

Cost-effective syringe filters for filtration of a broad variety of solvents, as well as aqueous, or inorganic solutions. These syringe filters cover most applications in HPLC, pharmaceutical, environmental, biotechnology, and food and beverage testing laboratories.

  • Robust polypropylene housing
  • Multifunctional syringe filters with female Luer-Lock inlet and male Luer-Slip outlet
  • Suitable for all syringes with Luer connection
  • Hydrophilic membrane for aqueous polar and light non-polar solutions
  • Very low protein binding
  • Suitable for high flow rates
  • Ideal for use with biological macromolecules, water-soluble oligomers and polymers

Sterile filters in individual hard blister packaging and dispenser box.

For research and development only.
LLG-Syringe filters SPHEROS, PVDF
LLG-Syringe filters SPHEROS, PVDF
LLG-Syringe filters SPHEROS, PVDF
LLG-Syringe filters SPHEROS, PVDF
Membrane Ø mmPore size µmSterileConnetion inletConnetion outletPKCat. No.
130.22NoLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male1004.685 651
130.45NoLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male1004.685 652
250.22NoLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male504.685 653
250.45NoLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male504.685 660
130.22YesLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male1004.685 654
130.45YesLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male1004.685 655
250.22YesLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male454.685 656
250.45YesLuer-Lock femaleLuer-Slip male454.685 657
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LLG-Syringe filters <i>SPHEROS</i>, PVDF
LLG-Syringe filters SPHEROS, PVDF