Mini cooling incubator LLG-uniINCU 20 cool

Digital mini incubator with cooling and heating function for cultivation of biological samples in small-volume vessels. With internal power outlet for positioning small shakers, mixers, or other devices in the inner chamber. Due to its small footprint, the LLG-uniINCU 20 cool is ideal for small laboratories and educational institutions.

  • Good temperature stability of the set temperature (up to 15 °C below ambient temperature) in the inner chamber of the cooling incubator
  • Large inner chamber with 22 l capacity
  • Fast heating and homogeneous temperature
  • With built-in calibration function of up to ±5 °C
Temperature range:Ambient - 15 °C ... 60 °C
Temperature accuracy:±0.5 °C (at 37 °C)
Temperature uniformity:±1.5 °C (at 37 °C)

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Mini cooling incubator LLG-uniINCU 20 cool