LLG-pH-Electrodes labobratory line

The LLG- pH-Electrodes of the Laboratory serie are high-quality measurement sensors with a shaft, made from glas.
They are equipped with low-resistance UW glass for fast and safe measurement results and with a sturdy platinum tip for safe measurements and easy cleaning of the sensor.
A acrylamide-free KCl gel is used for electrolyte in these electrodes. A cartridge-style conduction system, that has proved its worth over the years, keep the electrolyte free of silver ions throughout the life of the sensor, making it less susceptible to
electrode poisons.
The LLG- pH-electrodes of the Laboratory line have a sturdy ceramic diaphragm in zirconium dioxideglas.

Areas of application:
  • Surface measurements on paper and textiles
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications
  • Measurements in small sample volumes
  • Measurements in low-ion media
Temperature range:-5 ... 80 °C
pH range:UW- Glass: pH 0 ... 12, briefly pH 14
Dimensions (L x dia.):120 x 12 mm
Diaphragm:1 x zircon dioxide
LLG-pH-Electrodes labobratory line
LLG-pH-Electrodes labobratory line
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LLG-pH-Electrodes labobratory line
LLG-pH-Electrodes labobratory line